Today I realised who it was that I was really missing in my life… and the sad thing is, they can’t be a close part of my life anytime soon because they live here in Dubai and I want to live in Ireland. The good news is, if I do decide to live in Dubai again I know my life would be pretty full. Except of course for a very minute, very humungous detail.

Actually, if anything… today showed me that because the girls and I can pick up where we left off so easily that it’ll be okay if I don’t see them again for another 10 years. Though I really hope it doesn’t come to that. I’ll recap more on this later. For now. Sleep!

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  1. Chris – it’s actually someone I never thought it would be. My childhood friend… who I was always extremely competitive with and her with me. I’ll be writing more on it soon.

    Eves… you’re absolutely right!! Miss you too!

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