From my New York travels diary (no.1)

Yellow LineAs the bus drives through Buffalo, NY I can’t help but take not of the small differences between the the U.S. and Canada (as I always do when I cross the border): Dunn Tire Park amidst tall buildings; signs for handicapped crossing; old school (Lafayette) Hotel with an old school communication tower right on top; BBQs on the 2nd floor balcony of someone’s house; the $1.54 medium Timmy’s cup big enough to fit a house; Smoking Hillsthe way the clouds are hanging so low it looks like the mountains are smoking; even the birds seem to fly differently here.

I’m reminded of why I love travelling so much as I notice these small things that make a city great. I’m itching to move aagin. I can’t believe I’ve decided to wait 10 months before moving back to Ireland. Will I really be able to survive it or will I go crazy and try to move sooner?

Side note: My host has been having issues with their server (or their service) so forgive the late update. I’ve had this ready for about 2 days but couldn’t get into my dashboard to post it.

Update: read the comments for a semi contest.

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