Full moon weirdness

This day has been quite weird. I woke up feeling like I had been working for 5 days straight and vegged out on the computer while watching the Trinidad & Tobago vs. Sweden football match. Then I got ready for work and actually got to work 1/2 an hour early instead of 10 minutes late… and my boss asks me if I could serve tonight (HELL YEAH!).

But since I was the opening hostess I had to scramble to get all the parties set up first before I could go and get changed for serving. It was a pretty good night though since I made it out with some decent cash – plus I met some pretty awesome people. I had a small enough section that I was able to chat with my tables and still get them everything they needed.

There’s another reason that this day’s been weird, but it’s more of a private matter but let’s just say… “It’s all good.” 😀

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