Goodness gracious! Great balls of fire!

Did anyone watch the 2008 Grammy’s? I tuned in just as Beyoncé did her little ditty to announce Tina Turner. She had a face lift, and I think it looks terrible! I was so sad, since I’ve always been a fan of Tina… but she still sounded great! I wasn’t a fan of Kanye’s performance… or Alicia Keys second performances of the night (it was still good though). I just think it would’ve been better if there was more of John Mayer ;P. I also wasn’t fond of Amy Winehouse… I really don’t understand what everyone sees in the girl.
I loved Josh Groban & Andrea Boccelli’s performance, Kid Rock & Keely Smith, and of course the Foo Fighters. I missed Rhianna, Fergie, and Carrie Underwood so I can’t comment on their performances. Though I would’ve loved to have seen them in action.

Who was your favourite?

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  1. I agree, she does have a very different sound.. but I guess because I actually heard about her antics before I even heard her music (I was in Ireland when she got popular, and I didn’t have a radio or any music channels but I read the newspaper everyday) so it tainted her music for me for good. But I can appreciate that her sound is different, just not good. Especially not compared to Feist for example.

  2. Have to agree with trench. I’ve never heard of Winehouse before I step into London (not from the other side of the globe) and all the trouble that she got herself into surely didn’t endear her to me. But I must admit that I was blown off the first time I heard her singing… it’s… unique.

  3. I actually think Amy Winehouse’s music is pretty appealing. Its different from the rest. Its just too bad that she has that drug addiction going on.

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