Happy Birthday Haza!

There are very few people that I’ve encountered in this world who I feel I can say just about anything to and I know they won’t take offence. There are even fewer people who can say anything to me and I won’t get offended. I’m glad to have found someone who I feel fits both of these categories1.

She’s a strong person; ambitious, determined, talented, passionate, charming and so beautiful2. I try my best to understand people I care about; I try to understand everything about them so that I can make sure we never get into a life changing fight but its always been easy to understand Haza and I think it’s because we’re alike in so many ways… at least in the way we think, and the way we carry ourselves around other people.

Its the little things, like realising that we’re blocking the walkway when the group of people we are standing with apparently don’t notice. I’m sure I could give more examples, but that’s really for us to share – besides I’m sure you get the picture. In case you failed to notice3, it’s her birthday today and I hope I haven’t disappointed her with this dedication. She’s the kind of person who so deserves everything she wants in life, even if it seems it doesn’t always happen right when we want it 😉 right Haza?

Happy Birthday Haza. I hope you have a fantastic day and I hope to be around to celebrate many, many more with you.

  1. or so I hope, with the latter one… Haza?[]
  2. in every sense of the word[]
  3. guess what song that line is from? ;P[]

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