Happy Birthday Mummy, don’t worry I won’t tell them how old you are!

See the lady on the left, that’s my mother. We used to fight a lot. We still fight every now and then but it’s easier to see things from her point of view these days1. I worry about her and I’m sure she worries about me2. Sometimes I wonder about whether she would have preferred raising us with her own family around but she does well3 to keep in touch with her siblings and my Grandfather. I know she would still be keeping in touch with my Grandmother too if she was still with us today. I could learn a thing or two about keeping in touch with people who are millions of miles away from her.

I have learned a lot of things from my mother; not necessarily through any intention of hers but I learned them all the same. I’m attentive like she’s attentive. I’m incapable of being unproductive like she is incapable of the same. I snack a lot… but that’s something both of my parents do. I am good at baking… but again that’s something both my parents are good at. I can talk a lot like she talks a lot4.

Anyone of my friends who has met my Mum always goes on about how cute she is. And if you look at her, you’d see why: at 5’1″5 she’s petite but it’s more than her height that makes her adorable. She is ever-caring and a gentle soul; she wouldn’t hurt a fly6; and she’s always smiling, yet another thing I learned from her.

We’re going to dinner at a Chinese restaurant in Markham China Town to celebrate her birthday tonight even though it’s a school night because that’s just how we like to roll. I’m glad my Mum is my Mum. She’s beautiful, talented, intelligent and patient7. I can only hope I make her just as proud of me as I am of her.

  1. and potentially vice versa[]
  2. Nothing major, typical stuff I am sure[]
  3. better than anyone else I know[]
  4. she is usually the one talking when the four of us get together[]
  5. sorry if you are taller than this Mum, but this is how short you feel to me[]
  6. but do not be fooled, if you ever get her upset you better be prepared[]
  7. and so much more, but that is all I’ll list out for now[]

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