Ok. Ok. I’m four days late. Sorry but I *am* on Vacation! Oh what a vacation. The boring part has begun though because *he’s* gone back to work so it’s been trying to scramble for something to do during the day. I was meant to stay with Lisa for three days starting last night, but there was some miscommunication and I ended up having to stay at his parents place another night. I have yet to ask him whether it’s his parents or him that don’t want me staying here while he’s at work. I would assume it’s him because his parents seem to be fine with it, but then again maybe they’re just being polite.

My vacation’s been filled with laughter, music, games, trivia, good company, a little bit of cold, some rain, some sunshine(!), some mud, lots of fires1, soccer and rugby (Manchester United and Leinster matches), and loads of tea and drink! There are more details but I’ve to get a move on my day2 so the details will have to wait till I get home and can post my pictures on flickr.

  1. in fireplaces[]
  2. it’s already 12:25PM here… and I’ve so much to do today![]

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  1. How awesome! I am soooo going to your flickr account and adding you as a friend!! I wish I were over in Europe right now, how exciting all of this must be. Is there ever a dull moment?

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