(Belated) Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

GreenI’m off to the Duke of Kent (it wasn’t my choice), for a good ol’ night on the town. Hope everyone had a nice day! I’m having a little trouble uploading my pictures from my camera at the moment. So in the meantime, enjoy these St. Patrick’s Day inspired photos from others.

St Patrick's Day, Dublin, 2008 17/365 Grumpy Reject Sláinte!

And of course, you could always go to my flickr and see my Ireland photos.

<edit @ Mar 19 23:45> For those of you who may have remembered seeing a photo of a guy holding a pint of Guinness up in the line of photos up above, I had to take it down because I neglected to check the copyrights on the photo. Thanks to getfil (who has some pretty awesome photos) for being so nice about letting me know!</edit>

<further edit @ Mar 20 21:30> I’ve been able to obtain permission from all the owner’s of the photos above, which evidently are all ‘all rights reserved’. There goes my theory about my flickr plug-in. Anyway, I would just like to thank (respectively) Maycon Beal, HolaHolaCherryCola (Nathalie Márquez Courtney), mlsj and Seetwist for graciously allowing me to use these photos when my camera was acting up on me. Later, I’m going to talk about the whole issue with my flickr plug-in</edit>

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  1. Hehe Ryan – thanks but it’s not mine! If I could grow a goatee I would so dye it!

  2. Thanks everyone for their greetings!! 😀 I’m still trying to figure out what is going on with my camera so no pics for now 🙁

  3. Here’s a lovely Irish pinch back (unless you wore green)! 🙂

    Happy Saint Patty’s day to you.

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