Happy What day?

I’m bitter and cranky today. So forgive me for making an entry but I need to let out my frustrations. I have only not spoken to him in a while but I know I won’t speak to him in a long time because I am working a-l-l-l-l week. And I work during the times that he’s able to go online. I’m extremely exhausted and not quite sure what to do about it. I need to work so that I can save up enough money to move after I graduate. I have an interview with a company that I want to get a management trainee position with and I’m quite excited about it. I was originally thinking about buying a new suit but I have no money – and now that I’ve gotten a second freakin’ parking ticket (I have one from before that I haven’t been able to pay yet even though I could’ve sworn I did) so that’s $60!! Argh.

Anyway… I’m gonna go and get ready for work and have some lunch/dinner. I hope everyone else has a good day to make up for the shittyness I feel today.

p.s. I haven’t gotten my PK cd yet = BOO! :'(

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  1. Well, like my friends repeatedly told me over and over that day… it is just a stupid holiday anyway. Your lifelong vows mean more than that holiday right?? 😀

  2. The night was bust. By the time we got home, I was tired of driving, my wife was irritated and we both ended up just crashing in our clothes and going straight to bed. ;(

  3. My Valentines was pretty screwed too. Got stuck in a traffic jam because of an accident and I missed my dinner date with my wife… What BS. I left the house at 4pm and got home at 8pm! My wife wasn’t too happy.

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