He bought two sandwiches?!

I wrote my last exam yesterday and totally killed it! It was open book. The topic? Training and Development. The answers? Pure regurgitation. Pure jokes. I met with Ash around 10:00AM to ‘study’ and then go to the mall. We scheduled to finish ‘studying’ by 1:00PM1, we quit at 12:15PM. heh. And so began our search for a scarf that will match her bf’s jacket2. We didn’t find anything close enough (not even in the same store that he got the jacket from). And around 1:45PM we went to McDonald’s so that I could grab some lunch.

While Ash was in the washroom this guy came and sat at the table beside me, and though I didn’t get a good look at him when he walked behind me to get to the table, he did catch my eye a little bit. I ignored it though because I noticed that he had two different sandwiches on his tray; he also had a mini shopper’s bag so I assumed that he had his girlfriend or something with him. After my meal and Ash’s coke3 cup of caffeine for the day – the girl is addicted!) we started reading the tray liner. And we just started our regular banter, joking around about whatever we could really. And he commented on how he thought we were really smart, but then he realized we were reading off of the tray liner. He moved to Phoenix, AZ from Belfast and had to come here (?) to sort something out with his work Visa. Ash and I had fun chatting with him for a bit and before we left he invited us to join him at the Irish Embassy later that night. Ash had mentioned that we were having dinner with Marta after our exam and since he was in the city alone and wanted to visit a good Irish Pub, he invited us along.

I wasn’t sure whether or not I wanted to go really, especially since I was hoping Ash would at least have been able to come with me. But she lives far from Toronto and so had to catch her train. But the Irish Embassy was about 10 steps away from where we had our dinner, and I figured it might have been too early for him to had been there yet. So I decided to pop in and see if he was there. I recognized him because he was wearing the same silly hat he was wearing in the afternoon: a white baseball cap with a green clover on the front and “i love football” written over it. It wasn’t awkward talking to him at all, and conversation came quite naturally. We had a lot of laughs between us and with the table to my left4. There was no spark… when my leg touched his as we were looking at a map of Ireland down in the stairwell leading to the washrooms I didn’t feel that ‘tingle’ but I enjoyed his company nonetheless. And I especially appreciated that though he wanted to, the most he did was say that he wanted to make out with me all night. LOL I thought it was sweet. Especially since for all he knows he’ll never hear from me again. It definitely made a lasting impression on me.

Of course that wasn’t the highlight of my night… it was getting to spend some quality time with my two longest University girlfriends: Marta and Ash 😀 (and even more time with that bird-brain Ashlea 😛 haha you know I love you! Anyway… off to Dance Camp!

  1. our exam was at 3:00PM[]
  2. a hot leather biker jacket, in brown with caramel 2 stripes running vertically on each arm[]
  3. her third (of four!![]
  4. the group sitting there was quite friendly and funny[]

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  1. Oooo, from the sound of it, thay day sounded like so much fun! It all sounds like something in a book, ((tee-hee)).

  2. So I am a birdbrain eh! Glad we went shopping though! I had my dad try on the gloves I bought and still aren’t sure if they fit! Ah well, Great to be out of school though. At least I can read these journal entries and know what goes on during the time off, and catch up on what actually happened with Simon. Good to know! Talk to you later!

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