Here’s to new beginnings

So I started my new job today. I was nervous. I didn’t realise it until last night but I haven’t really been nervous starting a job since I moved to Dublin. And the only reason I was nervous then was because I was in a new country1 and who wouldn’t be nervous starting a new job in a new country – even if all you’re doing is serving fancy food and drinks in a fancy hotel bar?

My first impressions are good. Better than the first impressions I observed on the day of my interview. My boss lady is spunky and fun but she means business2, and her assistant3 is thorough4, methodical and geeky5. Both are so super nice which is a definite relief because I will be working very closely with them on everything. Quite the contrast from my previous place of employment. That reminds me I have to write down people’s addresses from there so I can email them from my work email. They don’t mind if I email people… but I may not get to tweet as much as I used to. More so because of the nature of what I have to do rather than the work load though… I know you all think I hardly had any work to do while I was at my previous job but honestly, it was just that most of what I had to do was on the internet and my computer could handle a browser with 30+ tabs open6.

That’s all I’m willing to say right now because I don’t want to jump the gun too much but I have a good feeling about it… now if only I could figure out the fastest way to get rid of this heat rash on my face. I’ve applied my Aveeno anti-itch cream all over but now my ears and cheeks are just burning… I can’t win! Not to worry though… I’ll be taking doubling my does of allergy medicine and passing out soon after this post goes live.

Another new beginning? I finally started doing some of my french e-berlitz lessons that I signed up for in April7. I’ve only missed about 76 hours of study since April. But now that I’ll be getting home around 5 p.m.8 maybe I’ll actually be able to get some done! I haven’t done too badly so far9 at 94% correct answers! Considering everything is being presented to be in french, I’m quite proud of myself. Yes, there are some10 explanations provided but it’s nothing to go on while I’m trying to answer the questions I’m given.

Anyway… What is the longest job you’ve ever had? If it’s the career you’re in now, how did you start out and how did you know it was what you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

  1. and possibly because I followed my heart not knowing whether or not it was going to get shattered into a million pieces. again. by the same guy but we all know that didn’t happen… yet? hehe j/k …oh man this is a long footnote. sorry![]
  2. not to mention she’s super smart[]
  3. essentially, my partner in crime[]
  4. kind of like someone we all know – and yes I mean me[]
  5. but only in the cool way that I’m geeky – oh the cockiness![]
  6. most of the time[]
  7. that’ll expire in April 2010[]
  8. there you go stalker dear[]
  9. I’ve only completed 2 1/2 hours[]
  10. very limited[]

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  1. @trench: Congratulations on teaching for 9 years. That means you’ll be starting your 10th year this fall!! That’s amazing 🙂 8 hours definitely beats me. My shortest is 1 month – but I only worked about a 6 hour shift a week. LOL You must tell me more about this 8 hour job!

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