Holiday for Bush

So get this: Most offices are closed in Dubai today… because the President of the United States is visiting. They closed the schools, they closed most businesses, and they closed a lot of roads. They’ve also upped security and are questioning everyone that even passes by any government or consulate buildings.

There was a lot of traffic yesterday because of his arrival, so I wasn’t able to go anywhere. At least today I will be able to go to my old hangout, Bur Juman Shopping Centre, because my Aunt is home and either she doesn’t like sitting at home herself or doesn’t like seeing me just sitting at home so she always takes me out.

I suppose I could’ve gone to Bur Juman yesterday, since it’s only walking distance from my Aunt’s house but I just didn’t want to go out. I needed to do some organising, some thinking… get some of my soul food. Anyway, I was going to rant about the inconvenience Bush has directly placed on my life but what’s the point really? I’d probably just be marked for some sort of revenge agenda.

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  1. Yeah, they were dubbing it ‘National Bush Day’ hehehe I like though, it can take on so many meanings!

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