Home sweet home

I’m depressed. I don’t quite hate being home… but it’s depressing. It snowed the day I arrived, and it has left the city dirty. At least when it rains in Ireland, the land just looks wet. But when it snows in Canada, we have to lay salt on the ground to avoid icy, deathly roads. But it leaves the land looking so ugly. And it’s depressing. I’m a neat freak. I don’t like when things are dirty. It took all my might not to get a(n expensive) car wash for the car… since it’s going to snow again in the next few days anyway)

But it’s great being with my parents again… for now. He hates being home because he hasn’t realised what I have about his parents. And if he does know that they’re not going to be around forever… then he’s just not as good at overlooking all those things that make them annoying. It’s been nice too since I’ve been able to get my brother to eat dinner with us since I arrived. I hope it can continue while I’m here… even if it only happens while I’m here.

I promised to talk about some realizations I had while I was in Dubai, but that will have to come at another time. For now, I’m going to go help my Mum cook lunch and try to forget that it’s so freaking cold outside.

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