Home sweet home

I’m exhausted. I must’ve been tired from staying over at *his* house and not really realized it because I’m so ready for bed. Or it could have to do with the fact that I have been going non-stop since I got home. Unpacking, cleaning, cooking, showering, getting things ready for work tomorrow. The place was in quite a state when I got home and while I was cursing at first, I think it helped me feel better. The place wasn’t really that bad and any amount of dirt that would’ve been here would’ve made me feel like it was filthy because I came from staying at a super duper clean house for two weeks going into a shared house. You can’t really compare you know?

So, the flatmate I was talking about in my last post is gone on holidays for two weeks. This will be a test to see how clean my other flatmate actually is. My friend at work brought up a good point that maybe it’s actually him that’s dirty and he’s just allowing me to think that it’s the girl. Of course if that were the case, and he’s smart enough he won’t show his true colours in the next 13 days, but we’ll see. It’s always easier to mention something to him anyway though, even if he does do something dirty.

I do feel a lot more centered after this weekend though, hopefully it’ll last through the work week.

So we didn’t see Die Hard 4.0 yesterday after all… and we still have to see Transformers, and the Bourne Ultimatum is coming out on Thursday. Gaaah. Too many good movies right now, not enough time!