What happens when a place that is supposed to be home, no longer feels like home. What does that mean for the person that you’re supposed to be? It’s feels extremely uncomfortable in every way being in the Philippines and I just can’t wait to go back to Ireland (or even Canada).

There are still aspects about the culture that I like, but it seems that like Catholicism I’ve decided to choose which aspects to honour and respect. I’m beginning to wonder what kind of person that makes me. And then I think that I don’t really care, because I’ve always maintained that as long as I maintain an honest soul that I will be okay. But is it still honest to abandon where you’ve come from?

Not that I’ve had much exposure to the culture itself. The most exposure I’ve gotten is second and third hand experience in countries where Filipinos have migrated to. I suppose I should’ve made more of an effort, but I didn’t and now I don’t feel like I could ever go back. Mostly because I don’t want to. Does that make me cold hearted?

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  1. no problem Reg. I wrote a post recently about how christmas has really changed for me the last few years. I miss the MAGIC christmas used to bring!

  2. Thanks Chris. I guess it’s hard just spending Christmas with people you hardly know. Christmas with Dave’s family last year felt more like Christmas than this does. *sigh* What to do though. Just grab your drink and grin and bear it right? I’ll be with people who really care about me soon enough!

  3. I wouldn’t think so. I was born Catholic and attended a Catholic school for 12 years, went to church and everything for most of my youth. The minute I was old enough to stop going to mass and theology classes, I did. It became my choice. My grandparents didn’t agree but I needed a change.

    There are parts of Catholicism that I agree with, but there were many aspects of it that I didn’t agree with and I guess I strayed away from the church.

    As long as you live your life morally and celebrate it, the culture and practices will always live within you.

    Happy Holidays btw. Its time to celebrate LIFE!!!

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