Hot hot Toronto

It was 33 degress Celcius yesterday, 42 with the himidex. And today is meant to be a bit more of the same although there is a 30% chance of rain – which would be kinda nice in this heat. I won’t complain about the heat at all today – but yesterday was definitely killer. The driver and passenger windows don’t go down on the car that I drive because they’re automatic and the cable was loose or something. So the front of car – which is where I have to sit of course – was excrutiatingly hot. It was pretty crazy… especially since I had to drive around the downtown core in pure gridlock – which meant no air moving through my part of the car.

But today is a new day, and my hero (Daddy) has fixed all windows in the car – yay! I want to go to the beach but I might end up going alone because Scott’s not up yet and Michelle isn’t answering her phone. BOO. Who is this Scott you say? He’s just a cute little Scottish boy that I’ve been hanging out with a lot lately… who lives with a good friend of mine who’s living here from Dublin to be with his girlfriend. So yeah… I’m off to see who I can drag to the beach! Even if I have to drive up to freakin’ Ajax to pick up Jen!!! lol

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  1. My abs are almost out! IM ready to hit the beach this summer!

    Haha abs?! I haven’t had those since I was 14!! lol *sigh* need some motivation!

  2. omg..i wanna go to the beach…but i dont have a beach body.

    Aha… I don’t either. But I go and enjoy the sun and sand anyway 😉

  3. haha. Its still cooler there than on Guam. Guam is humid 24/7 all year long. We average 88 degrees during the days. Its been in the upper 90’s in the summers. Canada is very cool!!! LOL I’d probrably be cold where your at right now.

    I doubt you’d be cold… comfortable I’d imagine 😉

  4. LOL. Too kewl. I wanna go to the beach! wahhh!!

    Awhh… isn’t there somewhere nearby you can go?

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