Housekeeping: contest winners, anniversary update & more

Day 2 of the Christmas countdown posting schedule and we’re already going to take a quick break from it all to announce the contest winners of the anniversary contest I held a few days ago. I didn’t get many entries so the people who did enter will get more credits than was originally promised.

Anniversary contest answer & results
To those of you who said you didn’t want to win anything, you’re winning anyway1. Without further ado, the correct answer to the question, “What did my brother & I2 get my parents for their 25th wedding anniversary?” is:

I scanned some photos from my parents’ wedding album and asked Black’s3 to enlarge them, make a collage of them and place it in a silver frame.

The winners were:

Thanks for playing along guys!

Happy Annivesary Mum & Dad!
I’m not too sure how happy I am that I’ve become so laid back that I’m not even organised enough to make my parents present until the night before their anniversary… but I suppose I still got it done and they loved it and that’s all that matters.

My Dad got my Mum a really nice6 jewelry box, which we all helped my Mum organise with her jewelry once we got home from our late lunch at New Ho King. And my brother and I got them something that will make my recent mini-contest make sense to you a little bit more. On Saturday night, my parents went to my Mum’s work Christmas party7 and while they were away, my brother and I went through all the photo albums and picked out suitable photos.

For her calendar, we picked out solos of my Dad or pictures of my Dad with us kids or pictures of them as a couple. For his calendar we picked out solos of my Mum, or pictures of my Mum with us kids and only a few pictures of them as a couple8. They loved it. My Dad didn’t cry like my Mum did, but I know he liked it too because he swoons over her smile all the time.

Its so nice to have such a great relationship with my parents, and I know you guys think I’m a great daughter and all but really, I have them to thank for that. I was such a brat growing up and they didn’t disown me once… they make unconditional love look easy as pie9.

Christmas cards
The Canada post deadline mail Christmas cards to non-US/non-Canadian cities was yesterday, so if you’re not in North America and still wanted a Christmas card from me – you’ll have to settle for an e-card or you won’t get it before Christmas10.

Email me your mailing address at reggysy at yahoo dot ca and I’ll post you one!

If you’d like to receive a Christmas card from me and you live in the US – the deadline to send me your address is Saturday Dec 13. If you live in Canada and you’d like to receive a Christmas card – the deadline to send me your mailing address is Wednesday Dec 17.

Why am I doing this? Because I love receiving mail, but more so I love sending it! And even though I don’t send mail for every season, Christmas is the best time to send mail out to people so I figure if you allow me to I can send you a smile for Christmas!

There are 15 days till Christmas, are you ready?

  1. let’s put it this way, I just wanted an excuse to give away the credits or the link love ok?[]
  2. you may have noticed that I changed the question a touch[]
  3. a photo printing special store[]
  4. I know you didn’t actually type out the answer, but heck you would’ve if you didn’t see it from Ken’s comment lol[]
  5. You entered, don’t you remember??[]
  6. and expensive[]
  7. to which I drove them to – all the way downtown![]
  8. since there were more solos of my Mum[]
  9. that was for you Ben =P[]
  10. sorry, I’m not sending out cards via expresspost unless I absolutely have to[]

responses to “Housekeeping: contest winners, anniversary update & more” 10

  1. Oh I’m so not ready! 🙁 Haven’t even sent out Xmas cards. Tree isn’t up… 🙁 This year seems strange…

    Hugs honey!

    Monicas latest..I Heart Movies – Neat!

  2. Aw thanks Reg! Didn’t expect that surprise. I wish I had some spare credits to give out to people. Hopefully I will soon! Ooh at that’s really cool about the Christmas cards thing, such a nice idea. Unfortunately because my parents are going away I seem to have forgotten about all usual traditions and haven’t even bought any cards. I need to get some soon! ecards is also a good plan though!

    Pennys latest..The Ultimate Christmas Playlist/ Party – Need Advice!

  3. I loved it when you said “he swoons over her smile all the time.” Cutest line ever. For my Christmas card I would like you to make me a card with that saying on it and a picture that you drew. You can send it to Erica’s address.

    JUST KIDDING. You can just add my name to Erica’s card and that will be enough to make me feel special.

    Micaelas latest..Bridal PARTY!

  4. @trench: I sent you an email!

    @Øyvind: I sent you an email too!

    @Ken: LOL still cracks me up. I may just put that on my awards (Canucklehead) page. LOL

    @Erica: LOL just smile and nod hun. LOL k, email me soon!

    @Haley: Luckily, they weren’t all licking stamps. The reindeer and the skiing ones were sticker-stamps! I’ll send you the calendar template when I get home! Even if you don’t use it for the size, at least you won’t have to do the dates all over again! And its my pleasure!

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