I can’t help but play with him

Picture Perfect @ Superficial Gallery

Get your minds out of the gutter!

I mean play the games that Acadia puts on at Superficial Gallery. The prizes are usually quite substantial but the games are also1 fun! The first game I played was the Amazing Race where the winner got to choose between $50 or 10,000ecs2. Rachel won and choose the 10,000 credits $503.

This time the game is called Picture Perfect, it’s a photographic scavenger hunt and the rules are simple really:

  1. They post pictures of various things with a gallery sign in it.
  2. The participants duplicate the pics and send them to them.
  3. They post the received photos.
  4. The person who gets the most done wins.

They’re giving away $25 or 5,000ecs which isn’t as big as the last game, but it’s still a good amount and besides which who doesn’t love photo-scavenger hunts? I do believe the games are about to begin soon… so register at the Batcave now for your chance to play along!

  1. actually, as opposed to only kind of[]
  2. entrecard credits[]
  3. I’m still really jealous Rachel, but you know I love you and your pretty boobs[]

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  3. @Susan: It’s my pleasure, and thanks for visiting and dropping so often (with both your accounts!)

  4. Thanks for the EC and for taking the time to post my cards on your site. So, from both Toltec Insights and Angels on Your Shoulder a profound and deep mahalo (thanks). What true aloha (spirit of love).

    With love,

    Susans latest..I got an award – twice!!!

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