I had to ask

A few hours after writing my last (scheduled) post, my question got answered. In my previous post, I write how I thought that the pain of being without him is what was meant to balance out my life because everything had been going too well. I should’ve known that by acknowledging that it wasn’t really all that difficult (by saying that the pain was worth it) that something else would happen.

Well, it did.

I hurt my pretty car. But that’s not the worst part of it all. My Dad is really upset about it. There goes the great family vibe we’ve been having around here. I’m annoyed that all I want to do is run back to Ireland. I’m sure my Dad will get over it, but he shouldn’t have to. I should’ve been more careful… and I know that. The really hurtful thing is that whenever I do something like this, my Dad always has to bring in how it relates to other aspects of my life and he never sees if I have changed or not. Argh. Anyway… I just had to vent about it. And (hopefully) that’s all I’m going to say on the subject.

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  1. Val, thanks so much!

    ‘te Mae, alam ko. I’m not mad at him for saying what he said at all. Actually I was only mad for about 20 seconds after he said it. For the most part… I’m doing what you said, just being patient and waiting for him to calm down kasi I know that nothing I can say (or even do) will make him see how I have changed.

  2. Alam mo, minsan, we get so engrossed with anger that we actually loose ourselves. Yun bang hindi mo namamalayan kung ano sinasabi mo sa sobrang galit mo. Madalas you don’t mean it pero nasasabi mo…nakakasakit ka. When it becomes a bad habit, then it will be too hard to loose unless you become fully aware of it when it happens.

    So at this point, be the adult and let it go. Just think na your dad probably just had so much things on his mind that particular day and your accident just was the last straw. Why don’t you turn this incident around and be the one to say sorry. Make it an opportunity to make things better instead of worse.

    See how this positive approach might just make things more positive. Otherwise, just be patient. It’s harder for elders to adjust because they have been living the same way for so long and nobody has pointed out to them that what they do hurts.

    Just some 2 cents. You can take it or just leave it. 🙂

  3. Awh Lynn, thanks so much for being concerned. It wasn’t a crash at all. I was making a right turn too close to the guard rails they have at Ikea. I could blame the guy that made a wide turn into my aisle, but I know I could’ve waited till he fixed it before making a turn. It was all my fault. There’s about 4 or 5 scratches at the hole where the back right tire goes. My poor little baby girl… Rachel (my car) forgave me, but my Dad hasn’t 🙁

  4. Yeah, I know Michael… my Dad espcially has always been that way. It’s just annoying when I know I have changed after being away from home for 1.5 years and he hasn’t noticed enough to stop making comments like that. But it’s just something I have to let go of. That’s another thing I’ve learnt in my time away…

  5. I think that’s just how people get when they get angry. Little things get accumulated over the years, and when a big thing blows over, those little things come to surface and become a “cause and effect” argument.

    Don’t worry, though, as most of the parents are like that.

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