I miss you

Port Elgin, OntarioIn the friend department… Life just hasn’t been that kind to me. I mean sure, I’ve had close friends. I’ve even had best friends. But I don’t have one now. And I’m sure this is only really hurting because I can’t even rely on my own boyfriend to be the kind of best friend that I need him to be. And probably also because Mariyah’s most recent post got me thinking about what I’ve had and lost. Sure I’m still close to a lot of the people I’ve been close to before I was even old enough to realise what having a social life means.

It doesn’t bother me most days… but I’ve just been made to realise that the talk we had the other night didn’t have much of an effect on him after all – at least not an immediate of an effect as I was hoping for. I know it sounds like I’m only saying I miss you because things aren’t going that great with him. I’m not. I never told you before but a part of me wished I was born in the world that you and your family lived in. It’s connected, simple, soulful and most of all… happy.

I hope you’re well… and that you write me back soon!!

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  2. This is the reason why I never left the island permanently. our culture here is rooted on family and friends. I call my closest friends brother and sister and we’ve grown up together for over 25 years.

    It just wouldn’t feel right without them around.

  3. oh sweetie. take care out there. and dont worry, god is always there. and as i said, tomorrow is another day…

    and you know what? the best thing about blogging or facebook is that we get to communicate and express ourselves when we need to.it brings us closer even if we are far away…

    we are here.

  4. That post also made me think… of a lot of things too… I guess it’s time to re-assess our lives…. and start from within.

    God bless.

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