I’m a (Black)berry happy girl!

Of course, I would be happier if I had gotten the iPhone but I’ll take a free blackberry anyday! Sure its going to cost me more per month, but I still paid $0 for the phone and I’m only tied to a one year contract1. I think this is the fastest that a gadget problem of mine has ever been solved! What a great early birthday present!!

Sorry to make this a wordless wednesday type post2, but its a last minute post and I want to get into bed so I’m well rested for tomorrow. If I’m well enough tomorrow I can go to the grand opening of a design conference that’s in town. I don’t want to say which in case I don’t get to go. If I do, you better believe I will have pictures!

Doncha love it? I do!

Update: You’ll notice I’m referring to ‘tomorrow’ when in fact it is tomorrow. For those who want to get into scheduled posting, here’s a little tip: Always remember to make sure that the Publish Status is on published when you hit Save!

  1. I can commit to that – 3 I can’t[]
  2. in that I’m not saying very much[]

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  1. @Penny: I tend to do an audit of all my files every now and then so I’m hoping transferring won’t be too tedious! And I am feeling quite better now 🙂 Thanks {{hugs}}

  2. External hard drive is very useful, I definitely need to do that too. Just such a huge task though isn’t it sorting through all the files and programs?!
    PS. Hope you’re feeling a bit better now 🙂

    mspennylanes latest..My Style

  3. @MikeC: I’m guessing Verizon doesn’t do the iPhone? (I’m not in the US so I don’t know hehe)

    @Penny: Awh that sucks. hehe yeah… 14 days gah! And thanks, I’m actually asking for an external hard drive for my birthday so I can reformat my computer and speed her up already! lol

    @Ane Fallarmes: Thanks! and Welcome!

    @Michael: If only 6 of them weren’t my own comments – I still haven’t figured out how to make it not count mine.

  4. Yeah I just checked properly and realised I can get it at £30/month if I pay an extra £99 for the phone but there aren’t many minutes included – they must have different plans 🙁 I may go for a cheaper iPhone wannabe (or see if I’m rich by then)!
    PS. I see its your birthday very soon! Hope you get those purple GHDs 😀

    mspennylanes latest..My Style

  5. I would prefer an iphone, but I’m Verizon and have been happy with their service. Also my cellphone is tied to my biz. A free blackberry. Damn. I don’t want one but if it’s free I’d take it.

    MikeCs latest..Sky Dive

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