I’m finally safe

Don’t worry, it’s not what you think. Since October 2007, I haven’t had any antivirus protection… *gasp* But how? I don’t know. I’ve been fortunate not to have anything happen to my computer (and it sort of feeds a certain conspiracy theory I have about antivirus programs, but we’ll see how this goes) since my old one expired in October. But today, I finally decided to shell out and get myself the Norton Internet Security 2008. And I’m already regretting not waiting till I could get my hands on a copy of Norton 360 2008.

The main differences that appeal to me are: the 360 helps you ‘find and fix problems that slow your computer’ and ‘remove unwated internet clutter and temporary files’. Of course, these are things that I could do on my own but it’d be nice to get a program that does it for you. And since the 360 is only about CAD$20 more than Norton Internet Security 2008, I would easily shell out for it. Oh well, though I’ve opened the box so I can’t return it now.

I’m just curious what everyone else uses, if anyone else uses this program and what feedback you may have… share with me!

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  2. Omar, now you’ve just made me wish that I had posted about getting Norton before I actually went out and bought it! lol Then again, I won’t exactly have been able to buy a mac right away so I still need to protect my PC in the meantime.

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  4. I don’t like Norton products as they are resource hogs themselves. I’m speaking from experience. Kaspersky is much lighter and more efficient.

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