I’m still alive.

Very much so. Lower level management has been shuffled around and we have a new manager, and I like her very much. I think she is fantastic. She’s motivating, smart and caring. But I don’t want to talk about work…

I think I’m just about settled in, and it’s just in the nick of time. My friend Jen is coming for a visit and she’s going to be staying with me. She arrives on Tuesday and I really can’t wait! It’ll be nice to have someone around… but I’m also worried that because I’ll be working for the first week that she’s here that she’ll get bored. But I can show her around during the day… it’s just that I won’t be there with her in the evening. And it’s scary around here at night! Lots of dark corners and bushes that evil can hide in and behind!

Ha. We’re doing well though. Too well that I’m a bit worried in the back of my mind. His parents have been away for the past two weekends so I’ve been able to spend the night at his house. He’s made dinner for me and everything. It’s been quite wonderful 😀

Now if only I can find time to see some of my other friends – and get the internet to keep in touch with other friends! Oy. My landlord’s back but I haven’t seen her for long enough periods of time to ask her about the internet, so it’ll be another little while I’m afraid.

That’s all for now. I’ve to go get showered and dressed for dinner! Cheers!

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