Internet cafés aren’t so bad…

But there’s nothing like sitting in my comfortable room chatting away on the internet and browsing my favourite blogs either right before I go to bed or just as I get up in the morning. So I’m on a hunt for a new apartment, and it requires me to frequent internet cafés since some people only want to be emailed regarding rooms for rent. It’s pretty tough finding a decent place to live here, mostly because of the poor public transportation services available. Their roads run on a sort of go where ever they please sort of system, so even if you find an apartment in a good area that’s close to work, you’re not guaranteed to have a short journey to work. So it’s been a matter of looking up addresses in my trusty map book, and then looking at the bus route sheets that I took from the Dublin Bus station and checking to see if there’s a nearby stop. It’s a lengthy process but its better than waiting to talk to *him* to ask him if he thinks it’s a good area. Besides which he won’t always know either.

It’s really been in the back of my mind to talk to him lately about what we’re doing… and I think that it’ll really have to come soon. I’ll have been here a month on the 21st, and I think that’s enough time to think and evaluate exactly what you want out of a relationship. At least I know it is for me. Anyway… sorry the photos are taking so long but there aren’t any internet cafés around that let you use your own computer to access the internet. Wish me luck on finding a new place soon that has internet, is close to work and on a good bus route to get around!

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