Is there anything Entrecard can’t do for my blog?

I joined xentrecardx 6 months ago and it has been one of the best things I could have ever done for my blog. Not that I have ever done this (blogging) for the recognition, but it’s always nice to get recognition. Now with the recent partnership between Entrecard and SezWho, the internet wizards that be have made it so that there is more of an incentive to leave a comment.

This paragraph is for those of you who don’t already know what xentrecardx is all about. The basic idea of entrecard is, you join, you make a custom entrecard (business card 2.0), then you start browsing other people’s blogs. Once you’re on a blog, you can drop your card on their widget (much like dropping a card into a bowl to win a free lunch). For each card you drop, you get a credit (the currency of the xentrecardx community) and for every card dropped on your widget you also get a credit. You also get credits when people advertise on your widget, but it’s a percentage of the amount the advertiser pays.

Recently, they’ve been trying to give all of us in the xentrecardx community more ‘bang for our buck’ as it were. I believe the first step to be the partnership with Digg, which I haven’t fully implemented on this blog because I have yet to find a way to do so without cluttering up the place. The more recent partnership with SezWho is something I’m a little more excited to implement.

Some of you may remember that I tried to use CoComment a little while ago, only to remove it not too long after. The idea behind CoComment was a great one as it allowed me to keep track of the comments I leave on various different blogs. But there was something missing, I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but either way it wasn’t satisfactory so I removed it. But SezWho not only allows you to follow your comments across the internets but it allows people to give you feedback on your feedback. And to top it all off, xentrecardx is rewarding appropriate use of this tool with credits!

What I love about all is, is the fact that I don’t even have to change my blog-hopping habits to avail of the advantages. I can pretty much earn credits right away! I do have to one change to make: I have to install a plugin but I’m having trouble with this at the moment. However, the SezWho team have been working around the clock trying to debug their system so I have every faith that they’ll be able to help me sooner or later with this problem.

Have you jumped on the SezWho+Entrecard Bandwagon?

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  1. @Sassy Mama Bear – Welcome! I too think that for the most part, good things will come out of the partnership.

    @Kelly – I’m so sorry!!! I’ve edited the post now. I thought you were listed with the credit sponsors. Crap crap crap crap crap. Forgive me?

  2. You left me off the list! I’m going to curl up in the corner and cry. No original painting for YOU, then. *sniff*

    I’m fine. Don’t worry about me. An artist’s best work come from a broken heart. *sniff*

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