It’s all about balance

Balance means that when you have a fantastic weekend, you’ll have a crappy week. That when you have an amazing love life, you’ll have a not so great connection with friends. That when you finally live in a house where you’re not the dishwasher, you can’t have a moment’s peace because the walls in the house are too thin. I guess it’s just all about weighing it all out.

I had a great weekend, and it wasn’t even my birthday. It was his birthday, so we went out with friends and got really drunk. His parents were away so we got to spend the weekend together. We cooked meals together, watched the Rugby World Cup final, and booked our weekend getaway (5 weeks from now). And then I came to work… and my head was spinning so bad from all the work I had to do that I couldn’t even tell which way it was spinning!

I finally left work at 7:00 p.m. and come home to find my housemates watching c(rap)oronation street. Gag me with a shovel. But… it’s all good. Monday is over!