It’s All Happening, Part 1: Canadian Music Fest 2013

Sound Miserphoto by Mikhail Sedykh

Brace yourselves1. Canadian Music Week is coming. This is going to be my fourth year volunteering for Canadian Music Festival. In my first year, I not only met Dan Hill & Don Schlitz but I got to watch them mesmerize a tightly crammed crowd in the Royal York’s small-ish Library Bar for about 20 minutes. I also had to be the one to tell them their time was up2.

I was always in awe of musicians, even before that point. Getting up on stage and baring your soul to people who could either eat you up or eat you alive; it’s not an easy task. And then I watched these two vets and I still can’t fathom to this day how they did it: they made me feel like I was an old friend, sitting in their living room watching them play like they had a thousand times before. It was so comfortable, so emotional and simply magical.

Every now and then I meet an indie band who manages to tap into the same intimate presence that these vets possess. It’s one of the main reasons I keep coming back and volunteering year after year. There are many other reasons but none that I feel the need to express right now.

This year, I’m excited to be Stage Manager at The Garrison. I’ve got my list of bands and I’ll be sending them emails soon. It’s all happening. It’s time to fall in love with Music again3. ¬†For the full festival schedule, please see the CMF website.

Who will you see at at Canadian Music Festival this year?

  1. Okay, maybe I am just talking to myself[]
  2. yes, I hated myself[]
  3. coincidentally, it is always time to fall in love with music *wink*[]

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