It’s the final countdown! (to Halloween)

Post has been updated at the bottom with more clues!

It will be Halloween in two days and I figured it would be a good idea to show you my ideas for my costume. I had a few ideas, starting out. The first idea was suggested by Evan of Bad Evan’s Gay Blog ;P but I didn’t think I would be warm enough or comfortable enough1 so I quickly saved the idea for when I’m in warmer climates during Halloween2.

The next idea was to be the Queen of Hearts, since my friend was going to go as Alice in Wonderland. But she and I discussed it and since it was proving difficult3 to find a costume that would suit that idea. We decided to think of something else. We then came up with Tinker bell, but then I decided I didn’t want to be a brunette Tinker bell, nor did I want to wear the fairy wings.

But I had already found and purchased a green sweater for the occasion from a store that has a no exchange/no refund policy. Its a sweater I could wear another time, but I really had my heart set on wearing it so I pushed through. I did all of my accessory shopping at the dollar store and it turns out my costume still cost me $35+ and if you include the price of my brown tights and boots it’s even more. Of course the biggest advantage of doing my costume this way is that I get a sweater that I can wear on non-Halloween days. Now before you get mad, I’m not saying that you can’t wear your Halloween costumes when it’s not Halloween. I’m just saying that its not something I would want to do. Mkay?

So anyway. Below you will find my… uh… costume. Yes, I know its not finished and that I’m not in it. But I didn’t want to be pinning stuff to it just yet so I have left everything in the packages they came in. I’ll take another photo for you guys when I get it all done up. Also, I still don’t think I want my mug on this blog so I’ll have to figure out a way to show you without showing you my face4.

I apologise for the really horrible job of stitching the photo together but I’m just not in the mood to do a retake.

What do you think? Do I need to add more to it?

I’d like to extend a challenge to you as well: 100ec credits to any and everyone who can correctly guess what I’m going to be for Halloween. For anyone who isn’t a member of entrecard, we can figure something out between us, k? But don’t forget to give me your opinions on the costume as well!

A few hints:
РThere is a twist, which has to do with age5.
– The socks are not for my feet.
– The boots are only black because they’re the only colour I have6.
– She has been on everyone’s minds of late…5.

Good luck!

  1. showing my midriff is something I last did when I was 14[]
  2. whenever *that* will be[]
  3. read expensive[]
  4. insert geeky laughter here[]
  5. new clue![][]
  6. I don’t want to wear heels that night[]

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