January Top Visitors

Yes folks, its that time again. January’s top visitor is not much of a surprise really 😉 but I’m not complaining – trench, you are the best!

Top Droppers
7milesdown 31
Alteredevents 30
My gypsygoods 30
On The Bricks 30
1 Blog and 2 Sides 29
C’est La Vie 24
The Junk Drawer 24
Angels on Your Shoulder 21
My Life in Italy 21
Life with Canucklehead 20

Thank you to all of you! You rock!

responses to “January Top Visitors” 13

  1. @fruity: hehe definitely. I’m planning on leaving EC soon. I’m just waiting till one last contest that I’ve sponsored is over and I’m outta there!

    @Lyndi: Thank you, I only ever try to be honest about how I’m feeling so it means a lot to hear it described as quality.

    @Haley: You may not have made it to this list, but you’ll always be in the list in my heart dear friend!

    @Erica: lol some of them I had to make myself!

    @Rahul: Hi and welcome! lol yes, they are entrecards…

    @Penny: Yes, I agree – that’s why the people who get their 125×125 cards shown are actually my top commenters and not my top droppers. 😉

    @Margaret: Thank you so much!

    @Ken: I hope that was a Guinness you were drinking?!

    @Wanda: Awh you’re welcome for the link love 🙂 and thank *you* for the frequent visits!

    @Chilly: lol don’t worry about the two days 😉 thanks for the well wishes. I’m getting there. At least I think I can go back to work tomorrow!

    @erin: You too have a great blog and I can only hope that others find you through my blog. I’ve seen many of my readers find each other this way and I love it! And you can count on me coming to visit often!

  2. How lovely of you to link to us like that. Like Lyndi said, we keep coming back because we enjoy your blog 🙂 I also greatly appreciate you stopping by my blog so frequently and leaving such thoughtful comments.

    erins latest..Too fit. Too fit.

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