Job hunting

Job hunting is the most difficult when you can’t decide what exactly it is that you want to do… or worse yet, how long you’re going to be around to do it. There’s this great job that I found using Career Builder working as a receptionist for an interior design firm, but it’s a permanent position and I don’t like lying. If there’s anything I know I will regret later on in life, it’s not telling the truth.

I’ve been browsing through Administrative jobs on the Toronto Star, Career Builder, and Job Bank websites and I’ve applied to quite a few but nothing has turned out as yet. I did get a reply from an agency for a coordinator position but only now noticed that it’s for a permanent position – and I have an appointment to do the assessment at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. Let’s hope they made a mistake with the whole ‘permanent position’ thing?

Tonight, I’m having dinner and drinks with my old boss, also one of his bestfriends, and I’ll see if he has anything to say on the job front. I’m hoping he has something to good to say… because I miss my old industry but I’m not really willing to start from scratch anymore. *Sigh* Wish me luck!