Jumping the gun a little

I was fall cleaning my computer’s hard drive, when I stumbled upon the Christmas wishlist my Mum made me come up with last year. And I thought it would be cool if I could put up a wishlist online where I could just constantly add and delete things and it would always be online. Well, what better place to do that than on facebook! This way I can just email the link to my Mum whenever she asks what I want for whatever occasion. Shweet.

I must have changed since I last wrote that wishlist because I found I had to think long and hard about things I wanted. Of course I spent about 5 hours on that wishlist which is why there are so many items on it. Before I moved to Ireland, that list would’ve been 5 pages long in an instant. But it’s only now that the wheels have started turning that more and more items are coming to me. And even still, I don’t have the same desire to go out and buy them myself that I used to. I used to get an idea of wanting something in my head, and the sooner I’d tell someone the sooner I’d go out and buy it myself. It was a bit ridiculous.

I guess it helps that I have to think about what I’m going to eat, and rent and all that. I mean I did before when he and I were living together in Canada but it was different. My parents were 20 minutes away and eager to bail me out. They’re still eager to bail me out now, but it’s easier not to take their ever-there offer since I’m thousands of miles away.

And so… I’ll probably keep adding to my wishlist, even though my birthday isn’t ’till November!

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