Kleenex: Worth Sharing

I was at home sick earlier this week and this ad came on TV while I was watching Ellen. A mum is screening calls in her kitchen while fondling kleenex tissues when a call comes in from her son who sounds sick. She doesn’t pick up his call but picks up the box of tissues and heads out the door. On the way she encounters many other people who are also sick: the postman, a random little girl, a lady on the plane; all whom she shares these tissues with1. And once she reaches her son’s door, there are no words exchanged just more creepy looks exchanged between them.

I had to snicker a little once the ad finished. I’ll give them the fact that it was effective but can we please talk about how creepy it would be if my Mum took a plane to bring me tissues? Forget the fact that she only brought tissues! Now, at the risk of sounding like an ungrateful child: my Mother would bring not one but three different meals to me if she were going to bring me anything when I’m sick.

Maybe I’m just spoiled. Or maybe I’m reading too much into advertising these days 😉

  1. and potentially takes their germs and brings them with her btw[]

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