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I have one project to finish by the end of the day today. And then I the other project is pretty much dependent on the asshole of a printer we’ve got working on it. I’m a little pissed about it because it really should not have taken this long. First of all, the guy carries around a powerbook with wireless capability, and is in the graphics communication management program at school and tries to lecture me on the wonders of voicemail.

Well fuck, if I had all the time in the world I’d be paying him a fucking visit since he seems so much more civil in person than when he replies to an email. Plus, the fact that things seem to actually get done when we meet up in person. Not to mention, after our first meeting he had the balls to call us un-organized when he had no fucking idea what the hell was going on himself. I apologize for all the swearing but I really want to kill this guy. He’s an asshole beyond all other assholes I’ve ever met. And his girlfriend ain’t much better. She was supposed to be on the planning Committee for the Graduation formal, but never showed up to meetings and definitely never replied to emails. Believe me, her name was NOT on the planning committee list when it came time to give the credits. We made sure of that. I don’t believe in giving people a free ride, unless they actually do… even a little bit of the work.

You know as much as I’ve accomplished in my last year, I feel like a failure in a way. Managing people is the hardest task that I set out to learn this semester and I don’t think I’ve really accomplished that to it’s fullest potential. I can manage people just fine… but the most important thing about managing people is motivating them and with most of the people that I’ve had to work with this semester, of those people… there were still some that just didn’t do the work and I feel like it was my fault that they didn’t, because I didn’t motivate them. Here’s hoping I can eventually learn how to motivate people… since I won’t be in a learning environment to do so any longer (until I probably go back for my Masters).

Nothing exciting going on here today… I’m starting server training next week! Hopefully that means I get to make lots of money. Because I needs it!! BAD!

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  1. I hate dealing with people. I always rely on myself. I sucks when work requires you to work with others.

  2. April, or so I hope! I haven’t the cash to make my big move over there!

  3. I tell you what, I had the same problem last week. The difference was that I was dealing with people who were both 50 year old! Yeah, and you would think maybe age would have been one of their stronger points to be more organized and mature. Hell no!

    Hang in there, because soon, you’ll be in another country living it up and meet a hot Irish guy, lol. 😉

  4. 😉 Thanks JR.

    That’s a recurring problem I seem to have… one hand is faster than the other! (Obviously it’s my right hand being faster than the left… the apostrophe was meant for the “I’ve”. At least it’s accurate… I still got it in the “I’ve”.

    I think I could’ve probably done things differently… in terms of motivating people but having 50 projects going at once put the pressure on and it was difficult to stay positive. And you can’t motivate people if you’re not positive yourself.

  5. “He’s an asshole beyond all other asshole’s I’ve ever met.”

    all other assholes* 😀

    Do you feel that you could have done things differently as a manager? Sometimes people just suck and cannot be relied upon no matter how good of a manager you are.

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