Last minute night off…

Yipee! I don’t have to run around like a chicken without a head on today!! I was supposed to work tonight and I was really dreading it because it was a closing shift, and I wanted to go out to the Madison tonight. So now, I can finish some school work and review the manual I received for working for Elections Canada on Monday. It just sucks that I’ll lose out on the wages, but honestly I think I care more about my sanity right now. I was forgetting things every second this morning: I left my purse at home (with my cc’s, cash and driver’s license, among other things…), I almost locked the keys in the car, I left my cellphone in the car and had to go back for it and ended up being late for my 8:00AM meeting… actually I was already late because I somehow had it in my head that I was meeting them at 8:30AM. Duh. I felt like such a tit.

So I came home and took a nap. My cell phone rang 30 seconds after I hit snooze. It was my co-worker asking if we could switch shifts between today and tomorrow. “Sorry hun, I’m already working tomorrow.” But she still wanted to take my shift tonight, she said she’d figure out what to to do about tomorrow night on her own. !Okay! So here I am. Home… and kinda regretting agreeing to it. In my half-asleep-exhausted daze, I forgot the reason I keep my schedule so packed: so I don’t sit at home and think. I tried asking him the other day when he’d be home, and the bottom line was that he wouldn’t be. He has exams tomorrow, and then Sunday is a write-off due to the Football and Rugby matches that are on (Crap, they’re not even showing them here… at least they weren’t listed in the Toronto Star), I would’ve liked to watch at least the Leinster game.

Anyway, I’m gonna have a shower and finish up this presentation… and then read Belliotti’s “Good Sex: Perspectives on Sexual Ethics” for my Philosophy of Love and Sex class. 😀 I love liberal studies.

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  1. I worked at gameworks for two years while finishing up my bachelors in education at the university. I used to switch shifts to take off from work all the time. haha.

    wow, Love and Sex class. Sounds interesting. I took a Death and Dying class and I learned alot from it and enjoyed attending. I need to take a class like yours. Where do I sign up? 😉

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