Leaving… deja vu

Well, I’m here again. At the airport. En route to Dubai, U. A. E. on a little holiday. Should be only about a week or so though. Don’t have that much money to spend while I’m there, but I do have quite a few people to meet up with and lots of sights to see. Then I fly home… until March. But that’s if the green card application goes through (fingers crossed). If the green card application doesn’t go through, I’m coming back here in May on a holiday.

Ooops. Out of credit on internet kiosk. More later…

So I’m here. sans luggage. AGAIN. The flight was fine. The transfer fine. Arriving was also fine. Reconnecting with C* was great. Meeting his gf for the first time was also great. But I’m going to go to sleep now so I don’t think about my bags anymore.

I’m not going to say anymore.

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  1. WHoa! Are you really in Dubai??? Kala ko hindi ka na tuloy dito? Anyway, hope you have a good stay.

    Dubai is so much different than what most of you remember. 🙂

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