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I’m really hoping that everyone that’s wanted to watch the season premiere of heroes has watched it by now, because if you haven’t then you can’t read this post. So be warned now, there are heroes spoilers in this post. I decided to give myself a few days to think about the season premiere and the more I think about it, the more disappointed I have become. I don’t know if it’s because I’m being influenced by everyone else’s feedback but there was something not right with Season 3’s opening episode(s).

First of all, Claire can never die? Then what was the whole thing with the wood in the back of her head in season 1? Also, what’s with the scene at the beginning where she’s about to kill Peter. Peter asks, “What happened to you, when did you become this way?” And then after Sylar takes Claire’s power, she can’t feel pain anymore… so does that mean that regardless of what Peter does Claire will turn out the way she did in the opening scene of the Season premiere? I’m all sorts of confused.

And why would Peter send his old self into another person’s body and put himself in harm’s way like that? I mean yes, he thought he was protecting his old self by locking him up in the cell like that but surely he has more sense than that if he’s supposed to be a few year’s older. And how did he *not* know that his brother wouldn’t die? He has Adam’s blood in him, after getting badly burned in Season 2 – hasn’t it been made clear to us that it doesn’t exactly disappear once it’s entered someone’s body? Oh and where is Adam anyway1?

What else… Oh! Sylar is a Petrelli? How on earth did that bomb not drop sooner? Why did she think it was ok for them to try and kill him in Season 1? I wonder who else is going to end up being a member of the Petrelli family. Maybe, Nikki/Jessica2

Oh I’m all sorts of confused indeed, but I will not give up hope. I love this show far too much to let this ruin the show for me. And if anything else, I’ve fallen in love with the actors too much to stop watching the show. If they ever lose Milo Ventimiglia, Hayden Panettiere and/or Kristen Bell I will consider abandoning the show.

What did you think about Heroes 2 hour Season Premiere3?

Below are some photos for your viewing pleasure, taken4 from nbc.com; visit their galleries for more.

  1. I honestly can’t remember the last episode in Season 2, will have to watch that again[]
  2. who is MIA and Ali Larter is now playing Tracey McGoodytwoshoes/Ice Woman?[]
  3. assuming you watched it[]
  4. without permission[]

responses to “Let’s talk about Heroes” 13

  1. @Richard: Hurry up! There’s so much to catch up on. Episode 3 of Season 3 is just awesome!!

    @mspennylane: Did you see Episode 3 yet? Tell me when you do so I can post up my post about it!!

  2. I have mixed feelings too. But when I don’t think about it too much, I like the entertainment factor with all the drama, even if the details don’t always work out! The acting is so funny at times, like Peter’s confused/hurt looks all the time and the grand statements the characters are always making. But it’s great fun! Hopefully the next episode will make more sense!

  3. I haven’t seen the latest series yet, it’s going to be aired on Wednesday here in the UK.
    Even though the last series was far too short and a little lame I’m still looking forward to the new series. 😀

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