Like two socks in a drawer: Manpacks + Nat & Marie = A win for you!

I love superheroes. I have my favourite1 but in all honesty they’re all freakin’ fantastic. The X-Men cartoons were one of my favourite to watch while growing up and I was obsessed with Heroes when it was on2. So when I found out that the fantastic Nat & Marie crew3 were hosting a contest and using promo videos that featured three local superheroes, I had to write about it. Watch their contest promo video below and have some fun:

So what is Manpacks anyway? Manpacks is a handy service that lets you pick out all your need to have items (deodorant,  socks, underwear, hangover pills, etc) and mails it to your door every 3 months. Or as their facebook about line reads, “Like if Netflix and iTunes had a baby that sold underwear”. Clever.

Do you know a guy that needs Manpacks? Are you a guy who needs Manpacks? Are you a girl who loves using guy goodies? Then this contest is for you!

Nat & Marie have teamed up with Manpacks to give away one FREE 1 YEAR subscription to the service of your choice! How awesomesauce is that? I know, it’s pretty damn awesomesauce. You’re going to have to do some fun-work to win this contest. Pronto. The winner will be announced July 18th. That’s less than two weeks from today, what are you waiting for? Oh, right. Contest details.

To enter:

B-b-b-but I’m camera shy, can I still enter the contest?
In true Nat & Marie fashion4, they’ve thought of you too! If you’re too shy to make a video, take a pic, send them a haiku in a Tweet with the hashtag #manpacks, and answer the question, “What’s in your Manpacks?” and you’ll be entered!

This is a sweet prize, trust me, it’s just shy of $1K worth of stuff – that’s one monster of a prize and it could be yours! On July 18 during the broadcast of Nat&Marie they will announce the winner LIVE at so be sure to tune in at 9PM EST.

What’s in your Manpacks?

  1. a secret I will keep forever. And by forever, I mean, until you guess correctly[]
  2. cue obsession with Milo Ventimiglia[]
  3. see what I did there? if you do not well, shit[]
  4. they don’t like to exclude anybody and love sharing the love, duh[]

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