London, Baby!

We went to London, on our first trip away. Well, it wouldn’t really have been our first trip away but it was the first trip away that included a flight. We left late Friday night and didn’t end up checking into the hotel until 2:00am on Saturday. Needless to say we slept in till about 11:00am. We started our day off by walking down to the closest starting point for ‘The Original Tour’ of London!

The 2 1/2 hour tour was a great way to spend the sunny afternoon that we got, even though we both got frozen because the wind was so cold and we insisted on sitting on the top level of the bus. A few stops shy of finishing the tour, we got off on Oxford Street to check out a bit of the shopping and grab a bit of lunch. We had passed a KFC earlier during the Tour and it smelled so good that when we saw one on Oxford street, I had to go in. He was nice enough to go with me, even though he’d never eat that kind of junky food.

Afterwards we decided to walk towards Harrods through Hyde Park. It was the loveliest walk and possibly one of the best parts of the trip. It’s the first time in a while that we’ve taken the time to just enjoy each other’s company while actually doing something. After the walk, we took the tour bus back to our starting point and made our way back to the hotel.

Once there, he discovered that the Manchester United match was on TV so I took that opportunity to take a nice hot bath. After getting ready, we headed down to the area where the Concierge told us we could find plenty of restaurants but after about 2 blocks of only seeing condo and apartment blocks, we decided to head into the city centre because his friends were there having some drinks and we wanted to meet up with them afterwards. We found a cute little sushi bar, and I couldn’t stop thinking of my sushi buddy Jordan. The food was great, but the prices were a rip-off!

But alas, we took too long to get ready and therefore took too long to have dinner and they were heading back into the area where one of his friend’s lives… an area that we weren’t keen on going to, so we really wanted to avoid. So we decided to have a few quiet drinks on our own… and continue our extended date. Things are going well… it takes work, but they’re going really well.


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  1. Thanks guys 🙂

    I am quite enjoying Europe… but more and more I’m realizing what the problem is. I don’t have enough of my own friends… gotta work on that!

  2. still havent had the opportunity to visit Europe. It will cost at least $5000 for my wife and I to fly there from Guam. I really want to go though. I’ve heard from alot of fellow Bloggers great things about the place. Glad your enjoying yourself and your feeling better.

  3. Hi Reggy… I took a few minutes and got caught back up. I’m glad the personal relationship is all well and good, but I think you should get back into the industry unless the job as a receptionist pays off in a more important way … that being that it gives you two the time to really develop the relationship. (We all know what your strongest motivation was in going to Ireland in the first place – “him!”… and that’s ok.) I don’t think any of the other reasons you gave last summer before you left were anything other than excuses to fall back on just in case your worst fears manifested themselves in reality – but they never did … and he still dotes on you. I think you’re more than just his most excellent squeeze… I think you’re his love.
    Alos the fact that you two mutually decided that quality time together was more important than palling around with old pals was an evolution in the relationship. Square one from “both” your points of view is now each other first. Mark London down as an evolution.

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