Oh Happy Day!

I got my grad photos taken today. I was *not* feeling it. Heh. I planned to get up early. yeah right. I did get up earlier than I would have gotten up for class (no make-up)… I just can’t seem to get up. I’m almost positive its depression, but I think it’s more than just the winter blues because I find it hard to wake up even when the sun is shining and that always used to work. I’m not terribly depressed… but enough. (shrug) So anyway…

After I got my photos taken I went to Blacks to check up on my present to my Mum and Dad for their 25th Wedding Anniversary. I took their wedding album and picked the three photos you see on the left and asked Blacks to make enlarge the photos and make a collage large enough for a 16″ x 20″ silver frame. They couldn’t find the scanned photos. (panic) They found them a few minutes later. whew. He wasn’t quite done yet, so I went to find Dad’s present to Mum.

He works a lot, so he doesn’t have a lot of time to shop plus it would take him 5 years. Accuracy, not speed. That’s his motto1. And with my Dad’s cash and instructions2 in hand, I went in search of a jacket that my Mum would love. And I found one at American Eagle Outfitters!! I also bought gloves, a scarf and a toque in a cute striped pattern that matches perfectly. Ooh oh I was also instructed to buy flowers… so I picked out an adorable bouquet of roses and lillies, and had them delivered to her office.

I spent so much time at the mall though, going through almost every strore there trying to find suitable accessories… I didn’t decide on the gloves, scarf and hat till I got to the Old Navy near my house! Crazy!! After 1 1/2 hours of wrapping, it was time to leave to pick up my mum before I knew it. Off to Milestone’s! I wanted to buy them dinner but my parents insisted on paying… they said that I had done enough and that I should really keep my money since I’ll be going on that trip to Dublin for New Years. So I compromised the only way I could think of by paying the tip! It was a great day all-in-all… I’m glad my parents enjoyed it.

  1. geek[]
  2. bubble jacket, aqua, medium, and not too tight in the arms…[]

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  1. Thank you guys!! I shall pass on the greetings to my Parents 😀

    I get the proofs in 3 weeks Chris, I might post them up! hehe

  2. You totally look like your mom! =)

    I’ve cancelled my grad photos twice already! The first time, I was just way too busy and the second time, being the grumpy morning person I am, prompted me to cancel the session. Plus I need to touch up my roots, so I’ve rescheduled for January during noon hour.

    What’s the robe like? I hope it’s not ugly like some other universities! lol

    The robe’s ok… it’s the bright blue robes that you see all over the website. Haha you think I look like my Mum?? Most people tell me I look like my Dad, but that’s because his face has gotten wider as he’s gotten older so he doesn’t look so skinny. It’s funny though… my Mum doesn’t look that different than she used to. Good luck with your exams hun!

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