In the nick of time

Ok I was stressed out this week. And then I found out yesterday that the due dates in my agenda was incorrect. My Projected Budget project isn’t due until next week, what’s even sweeter is that my partner and would’ve been ready for this Friday because we’re keeners like that. (I’m being sarcastic. We would’ve been scambling.) But now I feel lost. I feel like I have all the time in the world …and it’s probably *not* right.

I need more money. I *love* and *hate* the Holidays. I like giving people presents and I love spoiling people. But I don’t have a lotta money so I can’t so I hate it. It doesn’t help that I’m going overseas for New Year’s and of course I’m going to get the people that I see there presents too… although I am leaving on Boxing Day so I guess I could wait until then to buy people stuff but that’s just a whole-hell-of-a-lotta rushing.

I’ve started my Christmas Wishlist. Yes I am a nerd. But in browsing for gift ideas for others, of course I’m going to find things that I want too!!

April dear, thank you so much for the offer again!!

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  1. I totally agree with you April. Im not buying everyone gifts this year. Most of the gifts are just for the kids. Sorry adults, I have a home to build!


  2. Dang Trench, that’s freaking AWESOME. As for me, it’s kewl cuz my boss is going out of town during the first two weeks of December, and so, I’ll get to work 40 hours a week for two weeks! (that means Kris and I won’t be broke during the holidays)

    Let’s see, but back to you . . . I think that it is rough when you have a whole helluva lot of people who you want to give presents to, but cannot afford it. My advice, would be to send gorgeous christmas cards, you know, one’s that when opened get a “ooooo-ahhhh”, and then insert a nice giftcard to, let’s say, Starbucks or some food joint. Giving giftcards from inexpensive food joints are excellent ways of sending the very best under a budget. Either way, when you think of something, blog about it, will ya?

  3. Everyone needs more money during the holidays! Im so happy that we have three pay periods in December! My wife and I will be bringing 6 checks!

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