Love a [fragile]Heart

February is Heart month and my dear friend1, Shannon Hunter, has put together a super FUNdraiser called Love a Heart which is in it’s 2nd year; All proceeds go to the Heart & Stroke Foundation.

She had actually asked me last year but I turned it down because I was in enough “complicated” situations that I couldn’t even fathom going up on stage in such a high-pressure situation. This year however, I was pretty excited when she asked me again. I got even more excited when I heard my wifey, Christine, was also being auctioned off… and then I heard about the other wonderful women who will be auctioned off2.

I don’t think I belong up on stage with these ladies, but I’m so happy to have been asked that I’m just going to go up on stage and have fun. I think so long as no one throws any food or drinks at me it’ll be fun. If you aren’t doing anything on Febraury 9th and you want to watch me feel really nervous on stage while people3 yell out seemingly random though somewhat sequential numbers at me then you should come to the Hideout at or shortly after 8pm. Full event details can be found on facebook.

Moving on to less-neurotic thoughts, I’m excited to learn more about the date packages that each bachelorette & bachelor will be paired up with. I like fun dates. Dinner is great for the first date but you learn so much about a person from watching them conduct activities… like rock-climbing for example. What a fun date that is. I’m also super excited about the private fitting that Rent Frock Repeat has organized for us Bachelorettes tonight.

RFR also be generous enough to give anyone who uses the code LOVEAHEART a 10% discount. I hope I find something within my limited budget but if not, it’ll be a fun to try on dresses with the other hot bachelorettes who will be attending4.

While I wasn’t a Bachelorette last year I did attend to give moral support to my friends who had been auctioned off and it was quite a fun night and I’m sure this year will be no different. If you’re a fan of Tiny Danza‘s music5, they’ll be playing a set between the Bachelor & the Bachelorette auctions!

It’ll be a super fun night and I hope you can come out and show6 some moral support7!

You know me and questions, I like to ask them: What is your favourite activity to do on a date?

  1. all star-columnist at Women’s Post and Community Manager[]
  2. and I kind of got scared[]
  3. hopefully[]
  4. Guys, I know you’re picturing us all in our underwear now. You’re welcome[]
  5. Of course you are[]
  6. me[]
  7. if not for me, then for some of the other Bachelor/ettes or for the Heart & Stroke Foundation[]

responses to “Love a [fragile]Heart” 2

  1. I change it up on the regular. I don’t have a go to date activity. In general I prefer anything that allows us to have fun and talk at the same time…something that encourages some bodily contact is always fun too! (Not that kind of bodily contact! Get your head outta the gutter!) Something other than a dinner where you’re sitting across the table from each other for hours or a movie where you sit next to each other in silence for 2 hours (or, god forbid, dinner AND a movie which is even worse).

    1. I don’t write off dinner that easily because it could be a great date. I’ve had a dinner only date turn into a 5 hour date with great conversation so it can’t be all bad all the time 🙂

      I agree with you on the movie date, unless it’s your 10th date then I think it’s still a good date idea!

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