Meme: 3-2-1

Just visited Trench‘s blog and figured… I’ll probably have nothing better to post about so here goes…

Go to Wikipedia and do a search for your birthday (day and month only, exclude the year). Post three events, two births and one death including the years.

3 Events:
1893 – Women in the U.S. state of Colorado are granted the right to vote.
1963 – Wunder von Lengede: In Germany, eleven miners are rescued from a collapsed mine after 14 days.
2000 – Hillary Rodham Clinton is elected to the United States Senate, becoming the first First Lady of the United States to win public office.

2 Births:
994 – Ibn Hazm, Arab philosopher

1981 – Muhammad Hassan, former professional wrestler (Same year as me!)

1 Death:
1980 – Steve McQueen, American actor (The year before I was born… maybe he was re-incarnated into me! haha yeah right!)

Well, there you have it! That was fun… thanks Trench!

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