Merry Christmas! - Happy holidays from someone using environmental friendliness as an excuse for being too cheap and lazy to send a real card
Disclaimer: I’m neither of these things, I’m poor and broke 😉

There is something about wishing someone well that lifts up my soul. This Christmas when I find myself with not much else to offer I started sending some verbal and written love to people and I found myself smiling all the same as if I had been able to give everyone presents like I would have wanted to.

I hope you have all had a wonderful Holiday season and continue to have a happy whatever-holiday-you’re-celebrating. I am with family and am having a happy Christmas1.

Merry Christmas!
Happy Hannukkah!
Happy Holidays!

Just be happy, hokay? LOVE!

  1. and proof that you can be happy without a job nor a boyfriend[]

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