Monday Madness: Let’s get serious for a minute

Update: It looks like there has been an update on the site and it looks like the hospital  is not acting very responsibly. Also, thanks to everyone who donated I’ve noticed that their amount collect has gone up by quite a bit since I checked on Monday.

Last week xCanuckleheadx brought something to our attention over the xentrecardx forums, and I couldn’t resist but give in to this father’s plea1.

A young boy has been diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer, and their insurance company will not pay for the treatment that is going to save his life. Even if the procedure didn’t cost $100,000, I still would not have expected this family of 5 to have been able to afford it all on their own2.

I’ve only donated a small amount, and they’re only asking for a small amount from each person. But for them to get the money they need to save their son we3 need to spread the word. You know those ads where celebrities tell you that it’ll only cost you less than $1 a day to help out a little child? Well, this will only cost you $1 ever, so long as you spread the word.

You can read more about it from his forum post, or the dedication page they have on their website.

Since many of you who read my blog, also read the EC forums I know that you might already know about this but just in case there are some of my readers who hasn’t read about it yet.

Will you help?

  1. please be warned: They do have music on autoplay live on the site. The player is embedded at the very bottom of the page and is a quicktime player so it can be paused/stopped[]
  2. I’m going on the assumption here that if they were rich, they wouldn’t be putting up a plea on the internet[]
  3. of the internets[]

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  1. @Mrs. Horton: Thank you so much for commenting. It’s very sad what’s happening to your grandson and I wish you all the best. It was the least I could do to make a post about Brett, and donate what I could. I hope that it brought some more people to your site and some more donations as well.

  2. I want to thank you for placing a note here about my Grandson and his brain cancer. Brett is a 9 year old boy and in less than 7 months, he has fallen apart to where we don’t even see him smile. He is/was a genius for a child his age. Computers were one of his fascinations and he also has 3 blogs himself that he started 3 or 4 years ago.
    Now he is a boy who has been diagnosed just a couple months ago and at that time, he was walking, talking, even playing games with me via the net.
    I can’t explain how desperate we all are to get him this treatment that has been our biggest hope to help him.
    Today, he lays in Special Care Unit and when he is awake (eyes open, we keep hoping we will get a smile or some sort of sign of improvement.
    This disease is affecting his brain so much that he is unable to do something as simple as smile or respond to even simple things.
    We resorted to more desperate measures such as the internet because we have almost run out of alternatives to get him help.
    We have contacted newspapers, tv stations, radio stations, emailed so many people and we are still waiting to get some where before it’s too late.
    We don’t know what kind of time frame we have because all we know is that he gets worse everyday and time is clicking by so fast. We are really scared and frightened that he may think we aren’t doing something to help him.
    So we are reaching out to everyone we can and asking everyone to help pass the word on to as many as you can. We are emailing, calling, posting…anything and everything we can think of to help raise money and get Brett the help he needs so desperately. It’s like a plea for someone who has been on the waiting list for a kidney transplant; a person fights so long to hang in there and if something isn’t done soon….You get the picture from here I believe.
    Again, I am his Grandmother and I appreciate with all my heart everything that everyone has done to help and it will never leave our hearts!
    Debra Horton

  3. @Blog2us: Oh no! Do you remember the other person you donated to? Maybe we can get Paul (a previous commenter) to check if that one is legit?!

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