Monday Madness: Pink for October

This week’s Monday Madness is being dedicated to October, that is Breast Cancer Awareness month. You may or may not have noticed that I changed the background to mauve1. I was lucky in that my theme is mostly pink anyway, and I was able to ‘go pink’ for October just by changing the hex code in the style sheet for this theme.

You may also have noticed the little button I have on the sidebar, underneath the RSS Subscribe buttons. It’s to show my membership to Pink for October; a gathering of websites going pink for October to raise money and  awareness for breast cancer. But what I love about is that he says right on the front page that raising money isn’t the primary purpose of the site – so I didn’t hesitate to join2.

I’ve only just noticed that he3 holds contests every few days – unfortunately I won’t have time to play in yesterday’s contest to find a photo that best describes the word, “Mammogram”. The word changes every few days and I’m not even sure what the prize is but I’m sure the fact that all words will be related to breast cancer – the act of participating in the contest will be a reward in itself.

What does going pink mean? Its a symbol that I have promised to educate myself more on this disease. I’m ashamed to say that I don’t know very much about it, except that it affects everybody and therefore I should know more about it. I can’t promise to learn statistical things because those just never stick in my head, but I will definitely try and learn more about what I can do to prevent it in my life, and the lives of those close to me4.

Also,5 A friend’s father passed away today after being diagnosed with cancer6 only a few weeks ago. For those of you who pray, please say a prayer for their family and for their father’s soul; for those who don’t please send warm and comforting vibes in their direction.

Anyway, I was hoping not to bring it up but I can’t help thinking about them and how I wish I could be there7 for them right now. All I want to know now is…

Have you gone pink for October?

  1. purply-pink[]
  2. Oh and men, don’t worry there’s a section in there for you too[]
  3. that would be Matthew Oliphant[]
  4. because let’s face it, I can’t exactly do it for everyone[]
  5. this has nothing to do with breast cancer, but everything to do with cancer and its really bringing it home for me that we mustn’t take life too seriously and especially not for granted:[]
  6. I don’t want to divulge personal information such as what type of cancer, and besides it doesn’t matter[]
  7. they’re not in Canada[]

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  1. @Ate Maeyo: Awh sayang naman – I don’t usually like pink either. I guess that’s why I choose a mauve background hehe. Don’t worry, you can live vicariously through me instead! Thanks for the vote of confidence!

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