Moving in…

Well, I should be able to move in tomorrow anyway… it’s a small bedroom, but the rest of the house is absolutely amazing. I’m really hoping that the other people living in the house are as nice as the one I met. Though the one I met is older than I would’ve wanted to live with… not like she’s a Mum or anything but you know… oh well, we’ll see. It’s in a decent area, and close enough to *his* work that we could meet for lunch everyday if we wanted.

It’s not really walking distance from work, but it’s still close enough that I’m sure I could figure out some sort of bus route to get me close enough to walk to work afterwards. Not much else to report… I’m starting work tomorrow so I should have more to write about then. It’s been a great 11 days but I wasted the sun that was here the first week… should’ve made use of it to try and prolong my North American tan. Oh well… They’re forecasting Thursday to be ‘Mostly Sunny’, so maybe I’ll catch some rays then.

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  1. Older as in boring old? I think Im reaching that age. At 28 years all I want to do is hit up a bar and drink, watch a movie, and stay home. I cant party at the clubs like I used to. Just not for me anymore.

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