My Daddy’s mad at me

My parents and I haven’t fought in a long time. But they’re being really stupid and it’s obviously really pissing me off because I can’t step back and think before reacting like I’ve learnt to do. I’ve found myself yelling at both of them. My Serine is sick. I took her to the vet recently to get some long overdue shots, and a long overdue checkup and I told the doctor about how she’s been “going to the litterbox” in random places and took a Urine sample.

He called me back on Friday and told me that it does look like she might have a bladder infection which would explain her behaviour… he also said something about Crystals (something about her diet not being right); either way he’s prescribed some antibiotics that I need to pick up along with some food he’s recommended we try. I told my parents about this, and I’ve also told them that unless they’re yelling at her as soon as she commits her crime the yelling won’t make a difference. She won’t know why they’re yelling and pretty much just traumatize her.

See my Dad tried to buy her this litter box for Christmas that had a lid and a little trap door and everything, and while it was a great sweet idea… he didn’t think that she would need to get used to it and just changed her litter box and expected her to be able to use it right away. Wrong. That’s when it all started. Someone who has a lot of experience with pets suggested that we carry her in and rub her bum in the litter to show her that it’s where she’s meant to go. Didn’t work. So my Dad changed it back to her original litter box *but* he moved it downstairs to a spot where she’d been “going” a lot. He still doesn’t get it! Not only that but he kinda left both boxes down there for her to use… when I told the vet all of this he suggested two things: take the big scary litter box away and/or move her litter box back to where it originally was before this whole ordeal started. I told my Dad this, but I told him to try both of those things one at a time so that we could determine exactly what was wrong. He ignored me. Of course.

And after my Mum tells me about how my Dad had moved it back she asks me if she should take her to the old litter box and rub her bum in it… I say sure becuse it sounded like a good idea. So I’m in my room, and all of I sudden I just hear her yelling, “See, this is where you pee?!! Okay Serine?!! Here, you have to pee here!!” I was livid! I ran out of my room and before I could even think about what I was doing I yelled at my Mum to stop yelling at her. And while I could’ve stopped there I continued to yell about how she’s not going to understand, and how this is why Serine is all fucked up… and then – this is what really shocked me – I slammed my door. Wow. I haven’t done that to my parents in years. I felt like I was 16 again.

My Dad’s not the easiest person to talk to, especially when he’s mad. In fact, in this situation it’ll be easier to apologize to my Mum and once she tells him that I did… he’ll be ok again. I guess I just don’t understand how they can’t understand that Serine is a cat. She’s built on routine and behaviour, not logic! She doesn’t understand our language despite knowing her name and a few other frequently used words. Funny though, as I type this she’s sitting in my lap looking at me as if to say… “Don’t be sad. I know you love me.”

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  1. Cats natually know where to use the restroom. You just have to give them time to figure out where the litterbox is in the house. My mother n law has owned a cat all her life. As long as you clean that litterbox daily, the cat doesn’t go off and pee and shit everywhere else.

  2. Lol, you know, you’re growing up Fragile, and you really can’t help it. It’s just like the cat, you are who you are, and you are protecting your fur baby. The kitty is your child, and you’re doing your job as mommmy. Explain this to your mother, and I’m sure she will understand.

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