I’m not quite ready to talk about what happened this weekend. I haven’t gathered all my thoughts, but of course I’m going to call over to see you because I’m a sucker for you. And it’s part of the problem. All I know is, I can’t get what you said out of my mind. Telling me to grow up because I want to spend time with you is something I’m not sure I can get over very easily.

I used to think that the reason we had this problem before was because we didn’t have enough of our own personal space living in our tiny apartment. But it seems there is a bigger problem that needs to be addressed. It shouldn’t be a bad thing that your girlfriend wants to spend time with you. And despite what you may think, the amount of time I want to spend time with you, is not too much.

Is it? Is wanting to see you for more than 10% of the week too much?

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  1. He needs to give up a little more time. My relationship suffered a lot until I learned to be less selfish and more selfless. It took time for me to learn from this mistake.

    The greatest gift is time spent together.

  2. There was a bit of misunderstanding on his part, but there is still an issue with how much time we spend together. But I think there’s a better understanding now… or so I hope… after our talk two nights ago.

  3. 10% is not alot of time at all. He won’t understand what he is pushing away until its gone. I learned the hard way… Hope things are okay.

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