New Year, new layout

Thought it was about time I worked on the site a little. Especially since I don’t have a job yet. I’ll take more time to tinker on Monday. In between job hunting that is. I know the new year is 27 days old, but Chinese New Year is just around the corner so I’m not doing too bad 😛 Hope you like the new layouts I’m going to be juggling around in the next little while. Of course, you’ll still see my all time favourite: drunkey love once in a while. In the meantime, enjoy!

responses to “New Year, new layout” 2

  1. Hm, no I didn’t… but I’ve customized the header anyway ;P can I be lazy and just ask you where to download it instead of looking for it myself? hehehe It is a great layout! I fell in love when I saw it! But nothing beats drunkey love!

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