No, I’m not dead

Though I was sure feeling like it for the last little while. I was stressed beyond stressed. I don’t recommend taking 7 courses in 3 1/2 months to anybody! But it’s almost over now, and just the fact that classes are over is a weight off my shoulders! I don’t have much to update I’m afraid. My life has been a series of group projects, work, studying for finals, a little bit of christmas shopping and sleeping.

I did do one fun thing recently… I went to the Christmas Party for the place I worked this summer (and for the past two summers) with my friend Dom1. It was good times but not as good as it was last year. Then again, this year wasn’t anywhere near as emotionally draining as last year either. More fun? I had a Sushi date with Jamie1 today after our accouting final – *and* I think I did well on my final. yay! I hate Jamie for bringing me in here though… because now i want this ring! The Amorique Diamond… *sigh* I will buy that baby one day!

Ooh I also saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire last week too. LOVED IT. It’s my favourite Harry Potter movie…. other movies on my to see list:

[x] Rent
[ ] King Kong
[x] Elizabethtown (yes I know I’m late on that one)
[ ] Derailed
[ ] Pride & Prejudice
[x] Aeon Flux

And that’s about it. I’m gonna go do some crossword puzzles and relax in preperation to study for my final tomorrow.

Marvbloke, Chris and Greggy: No sign of my Nano yet 🙁 I’m probably going to have to buy one when my uncle’s present gets here so that my Mum doesn’t find out I lost it!!

  1. name has been changed to protect the innocent[][]

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  1. I lucked out too! I actually have 4 finals but one’s a take-home exam (never had one before!) so I don’t really consider it a exam. Well technically it is, since it’s marked as a final exam but I mean, we get to do at home w/ a ton of resources (i.e. Internet!). So I only really have 3 exams as well =)

  2. Hi Reg! Good luck on your exams too! I’m done on Dec.16 which I think is the last day. When are you done? Do you actually have 7 exams??

    No! I only have 3 + a final project. THANK GOODNESS! Can you imagine?! I lucked out actually with only having to write 3 exams from 7 courses. Not to mention, I just passed my G2 exit test!! YAY! I’m a fully licensed driver now! Watch out world! haha My last exam is on the 15th – but tonight is my 2nd exam. The rest of the time in between will be used to start and finish my final project for my internship course (D’oh!)

  3. Sigh… I wish you had a bio page about yourself… I really don’t understand where you are coming from when you write… although, I am interested.

    Hey hun, I used to have a bio page about myself… but I changed my life for love and only recently started writing again. The closest thing I have now… is my portfolio, but it’s more of my work rather than any info about me. I dunno I guess because I still write a lot about him, I still want to somewhat respect his wishes of not revealing too much about me and my life…

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